At the point when individuals first visit or move to Saigon, they are frequently astonished by the fantastic scope of culinary choices available to them. Vietnam has for quite a while offered a powerful assortment of tasty dishes of its own, and that is as yet the case. Yet, furthermore, over the previous decade, there has been an emotional increment in the quality and amount of universal food in Vietnam. The best restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City can coordinate those discovered anyplace else in Asia, and there are a bewildering number of choices offering fabulous nourishment for all preferences and spending levels.

To zoom in further, as an outsider living in Vietnam’s biggest city, you are likely sooner or later to in any event consider the choice of dwelling in Thao Dien – the most expat-overwhelming region of Saigon’s quickly creating Region 2. With a lot of western courtesies and well-known dialects to be found there, it is anything but difficult to overlook where you are while investigating this piece of the city. Just as being maybe the least riotous spot to live in Saigon, the best restaurants in Thao Dien additionally make the zone alluring to remote inhabitants (and a lot of upwardly versatile Vietnamese local people).

Maybe you effectively live in Thao Dien, or perhaps you are inquisitively investigating the chance of doing as such. You may basically be hoping to discover extraordinary nourishment in Locale 2 while staying somewhere else in Ho Chi Minh City. Regardless of which concerns you, make the most of our manual for the best restaurants in Saigon’s Thao Dien in Locale 2 and please set out to really utilize it to fill your tummies!


36 Tong Huu Dinh, Thao Dien, D2

Facebook; +84 28 6253 2828

Open Monday-Sunday 11:00am – 10:00pm

Pendolasco is notable as a standout amongst other Italian restaurants in Thao Dien and the entirety of Saigon. Built up in 1998, we’re constantly sure about accepting an eminent family-style Italian involvement with Pendolasco. In the event that you like to remain at home, at that point they offer their astounding PendoGo administration for speedy and quality conveyance of delectable Italian pizza and more to Locale 1-4 and Binh Thanh. Eating in, we love the decision of getting a charge out of the stunning vibe of their nursery region or somewhat more closeness and comfort inside.

Mekong Merchant restaurant
Mekong Merchant restaurant

Set up in 1998, Pendolasco has consummated their menu after some time to offer scrumptious exemplary Italian nourishment to the residents of Saigon. Regardless of whether it’s a wide scope of value pizzas, custom made pasta, succulent steaks, or prodding sweets, Pendolasco does everything in style. Since it is one of the most inviting family benevolent restaurants in Thao Dien, there are likewise reasonably divided and valued alternatives for kids, with entertaining dish names, for example, “I Couldn’t care less” and “I Don’t Need That” – we love it!

In the event that you need your fix of value Italian nourishment in Thao Dien, you can’t turn out badly with Pendolasco and restaurant in Thao Dien

La Estate French Restaurant

14 Ngo Quang Huy, Thao Dien, D2

Facebook; +84 28 3898 2082

Open Monday – Saturday | Lunch – 11:45am – 4:00pm (last request is 1:30pm) | Supper – 6:30pm – late (last request is 9:30pm)

At the point when you’re looking for that exceptional top notch food involvement with Saigon, look no farther than La Estate French Restaurant in Thao Dien. After entering La Manor, actually a delightful estate, you are moved to an exquisite return to great French restaurant styling. You simply realize that you’re going to take an interest in something extraordinary.

La Estate’s proprietor and head gourmet expert, Thierry Mounon, has made a menu of French gastronomical miracle – loaded with innovativeness and flawlessly created dishes. Regardless of whether it’s the mark Meat Tenderloin with sautéed foie gras and morel sauce, simmered Brittany Lobster, or Chocolate Pastilla with banana sorbet, you make certain to be wowed by the mind boggling nourishment on offer at La Manor.

Obviously, for this sort of value, you ought to hope to pay as needs be, however your expense makes certain to bring about a genuinely significant feasting experience. Consider La Estate French Restaurant for your next unique event – it positively merits its place according to numerous as the best restaurant in Thao Dien and Saigon.

The Snap Bistro

32 Tran Ngoc Dien, Thao Dien, D2

Facebook; +84 3519 4532

Open Each Day 7:30am – 10:30pm

We at City Pass Guide have consistently been a major aficionado of this easygoing yet quality Thao Dien restaurant. The Snap Bistro is extraordinary in gatherings and furthermore for solo dinners, as it’s tranquil enough to complete some work or perusing, and the air is agreeable and roomy. With respect to the nourishment, we need to state that the veggie lover burger is hand crafted to flawlessness. The vegan stew is likewise exceptionally delectable, albeit very little, so it’s most likely not for the covetous eater.

The Snap Bistro right now runs a burger exceptional each Wednesday, which incorporates two free beverages of decision on the off chance that you request any gourmet burger. Go early in case you’re with a bigger gathering, however, as it tends to get somewhat stuffed. It’s significant this is one of just a couple of spots we can discover HP Dark colored Sauce in Saigon, which is a work of art and most loved fixing from the U.K.

Look at their Facebook page for other beverage and nourishment specials, and furthermore pay special mind to live groups regularly playing on Saturday evenings. This restaurant doesn’t have a play territory for kids, however it is unquestionably family-accommodating, making it a perfect staple for all in Thao Dien.

Bep Vo Kitchen

74/1 Nguyen Cu, Thao Dien, D2

Facebook; +84 90 872 6683

Open Each Day

Despite the fact that this Thao Dien restaurant is small and somewhat away from the primary streets, it is reliably pressed on weeknights. Known as a well known home base among expats because of its delectable and moderate charge, Bep Vo is additionally an ideal spot for advanced wanderers or specialists to appreciate a supper while doing a touch of work.

The Bep Vo menu is a scope of nearby Vietnamese dishes at costs simply above road seller choices. We’re a major enthusiast of the veggie lover noodle bowl and summer moves (you can consider swapping the noodles for rice), in spite of the fact that we by and by don’t go for the sandwich when hungry, as it’s a tad excessively little. The menu choices here are not especially perfect for vegans (just two decisions), so uncovered that as a primary concern while picking your alternatives from the best restaurants in Thao Dien.