In the early 2000s, Tay Ho District  (Westlake) was still a fishing village in the north gateway with fish farms and local shops. Since 2010, the area has transformed into a vibrant spot for both local residents and foreigners coming to Hanoi for work and inhabitance. Regardless of the season, the statistics show that expat density in Tay Ho is always higher than in other residential areas in Hanoi. In 2016, Tay Ho district attracted already over 4 thousand foreigners and the figure continues to rise year by year. There are a certain number of reasons why the lake view villa in Tay Ho is one of the most desirable places to live in the city and the listing below will reveal them.

Convenient location

Located in the North of Hanoi, Tay Ho is famous for West Lake – the largest lake in Hanoi of 500 hectares in the area. Here, it is accessible to Hoan Kiem District in 10 minutes and Ba Dinh District in 5 to 10 minutes. While there are still public transportations like bus or taxi, you can cycle, ride a motorbike or even go on foot to the city center in a wink. Also, the area is so near Noi Bai International Airport that you can reach within 30 minutes by car, which is very convenient for people often on travel mode.

Fresh nature

The lake itself is such a gorgeous landscape that most villas there have lake overlooking view from every side. Thanks to clean water and shady trees around this “green lung’’, the residents can enjoy a healthy living space close to nature with fresh air, cooling breeze and natural light. The ecosystem is open to outdoor activities because of large pavements and bike lanes along with green gardens and playgrounds. It is not difficult to capture the scene of people go jogging, cycle or do exercise around the lake early in the morning and at the dawn. Residents are allowed to embrace a high-end but peaceful environment, not crowded, chaotic and noisy as The Old Quarter.

All amenities 

The renters looking for a villa to rent in Tay Ho District, Hanoi often families with children who have careful attention to educational amenities in the surrounding area. West Lake area can meet this demand by many international schools and educational centers for your kids such as Horizon International Bilingual  School, Canada Maple Bear Kindergarten, Hanoi Academy, etc. Healthcare services are indispensable with Raffles Medical Center, Medlatec Clinic, Thu Cuc International Hospital. No more frustration comes from the language barrier when you go to local hospitals because these are all international medical branches that provided high-end services. Moreover, there are fancy restaurants for every kind of cuisine, trendy cafes, lake view bars here and some of them were opened up by populated expats themselves, which creates a unique cultural character. As mentioned above, Tay Ho is peaceful but it is not boring because you can be entertained at many amusement places like pedestrian street (around Trinh Cong Son Street), Ho Tay water park and weekend flea markets. Apart from those, more than 20 ancient temples filled with incense turn West Lake neighborhoods into a cultural hub. Some temples like Tran Quoc Temple, Kim Lien Temple, Tay Ho valued by different structures and history become iconic attractions of Hanoi capital.

Huge expat community

Recently, the West Lake area is the appeal to not only nouveau rich Vietnamese but also foreigners of many nationalities. Increasingly more people moving here have created a diverse group of expat which opens chances of multi-cultural communication and commercial connection. Also, newcomers, especially children, will easily get along with nearby friends, adapt quickly to the environment and feel safe when they know that they are going to live in alike people neighborhoods.

Stunning architecture

Magnificent villas in all corners of West Lake are much distinguished from the stereotype in other districts. The concept varies from French, contemporary to modern styles applied to both structure and interior design. A villa, normally, is 200 sqm or more in size and divided into 4-5 bedrooms with broad balconies overlook the lake. Taking advantage of large land, the owners often spare some space for the garden, swimming pool, and garage beside the main unit.